RECORDING SESH! samsamson2, rubblebucket

It’s official: Tidwell’s is hitting the studio the first weekend of April to cut a 3-5+ song EP for immediate ASAP release. The disc will most assuredly be mastered by Mark Alan Miller over at Slaughterhouse Recording Studio, courtesy of a generous 3rd prize from the Elevens via 2010 Happy Valley Showdown. BE YE ON YOUR GUARD soon you will be thrashing to tidwell’s in the comfort of your own home, workplace, laundromat, gym, car, without youtube as your middleman. which is revolutionary

also, there’s rumors around town that sam samson might be returning from a potent acid flashback and maybe just maybe there’s some merit to these rumors but don’t believe them in case it’s a surprise. it’s probably no going to happen, actually

WE’RE PLAYING WITH RUBBLEBUCKET AGAIN! WOOHOO! Another Rubblebucket Orchestra/Tidwell’s Treasure team-up will go down 4/16 at Pearl Street (downstairs, folks – let’s PACK IT), contact J/Sean/Tim for we shall all have some amount of tickets for ya by this weekend, $10 as always with these IHEG shows. rockin. SEEYA


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