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Tidwell’s is back in action! Many new gigs coming up! Check out our show schedule to the right!
First things first:
1/1/10 Saturday NEW YEARS BASH at the Pizza Shoppe
1/8/10 Saturday @ Elevens Northampton with The Raft, Karmic Juggernaut
1/21/10 Friday @ The Iron Horse Northampton with Brotherhood of Thieves.
1/22/10 Saturday venue TBA @ New York City w/ Brotherhood of Thieves, more TBA.
1/29/10 Saturday @ Pangea West Springfield w/ The Raft, more TBA.

The new Tidwell’s album is currently in mastering stages! Those of you who partied with us & Buru Style at the Omnidemonational Bash @ Bishop’s Lounge a few weeks ago got the sneak-peek copy of the upcoming disc. The final tracklisting is as follows:

1) Whiskers
2) Bleeding Neck Barrel Roll
3) Sarah Palin’s Turkey
4) Big Mufu Suite Pt I
5) Big Mufu Suite Pt II
6) Minton the Explorer
7) Haircut for Al
8) Panic in the Woods
9) Drone Tune

And last but not least, the Sam Samson trilogy is finally complete. However, we have scattered the 2nd and 3rd parts throughout youtube, experimenting with a word-of-mouth distribution for the sake of a TIDWELLS TREASURE HUNT. This one is under wraps baby. Let it spread on its own time…ENJOY THE TREASURE HUNT!

See you at our upcoming gigs!


RECORDING SESH! samsamson2, rubblebucket

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It’s official: Tidwell’s is hitting the studio the first weekend of April to cut a 3-5+ song EP for immediate ASAP release. The disc will most assuredly be mastered by Mark Alan Miller over at Slaughterhouse Recording Studio, courtesy of a generous 3rd prize from the Elevens via 2010 Happy Valley Showdown. BE YE ON YOUR GUARD soon you will be thrashing to tidwell’s in the comfort of your own home, workplace, laundromat, gym, car, without youtube as your middleman. which is revolutionary

also, there’s rumors around town that sam samson might be returning from a potent acid flashback and maybe just maybe there’s some merit to these rumors but don’t believe them in case it’s a surprise. it’s probably no going to happen, actually

WE’RE PLAYING WITH RUBBLEBUCKET AGAIN! WOOHOO! Another Rubblebucket Orchestra/Tidwell’s Treasure team-up will go down 4/16 at Pearl Street (downstairs, folks – let’s PACK IT), contact J/Sean/Tim for we shall all have some amount of tickets for ya by this weekend, $10 as always with these IHEG shows. rockin. SEEYA


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THE HAITIAN-DONATION-COLLABORATION-CELEBRATION was a gargantuam success! Thanks to all our fans, and the fans of THE GLISTEN EFFECT, ERIC PAQUETTE, AND THE RAFT who, with their donations, ended up putting $400 in the pot!

Tidwell’s set was filmed by ETV and will be aired throughout CT and western MA. More updates coming on this one! woohoo!


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Alright guys. Finally updated the website, made it a bit more update-able. More user-friendly? You tell me.

NEW GIGS COMIN’ UP! (See reverbnation widget to the right)

3/6/10 @ Pizza Shoppe. 134 Shaker Rd East Longmeadow MA. 10pm-1am. 21+, no cover

3/13/10 HAITIAN DONATION-COLLABORATION CELEBRATION @ Elevens. 140 Pleasant St. Northampton MA. 9pm. 21+, cover TBA. Featuring: The Raft, The Glisten Effect, and Eric Paquette.

In other news…Tidwell’s picked up 3rd place in the 2010 Happy Valley Showdown Finals. Thanks to all of our friends and fans for comin’ out to support us (not to mention the HORSE GIG too!) to make all this awesome stuff possible! Bella’s Bartok took 2nd, and Graph took 1st. Woo! Helluva competition. We got a free cd mastering package for our trouble – an excellent prize considering we plan on hitting the studio sometime at the end of March. Yes that’s right. Watch out for a Tidwell’s Treasure EP comin yer way sometime soon…

Alright also, Ivan just made a youtube playlist of our Horse show. Check it out:

Thanks Eye-vin!
That’s all for now. Night!

2/19/10 (Archived) Tidwell’s in Buntology

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Tidwell’s Treasure Musical Gold – Buntology

2/18/10 (Archived) Tidwell’s in Happy Valley Showdown Finals

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Tidwell’s Treasure in Happy Valley Finals – Masslive

2/16/10 (Archived) Tidwell’s in the Daily Collegian

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Tidwell’s Treasure open for Rubblebucket at Iron Horse – Daily Collegian